Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go Gryphon Go!

Fine, I'm a rock star. I have to admit it. Remember the Gryphon For Gryphon Cowl? Well, Gryphon in her modesty changed the name to Cloister Cowl, made up ten (ten) kits at 60$ apiece and posted them for sale on her website The Sanguine Gryphon, at 8pm on Aug.31st.

At 8:05 PM they were all sold out!!!!!! No no no, I say, this is obviously a mistake, a server error. Would that it were true! I went to bed giggling to myself about it, certain that the morning would prove me right.

Well, I was wrong! A pile of friends on Ravelry missed the sale, and now poor Gryphon has to make up more kits!

Have you any idea how good this news is? It means that I will be commissioned to make more patterns for Gryphon! Which means more of that exquisite, indescribable SG yarn running through my fingers! Mmmmm I can just feel it now...

For those poor benighted souls who wish to make the cowl in their own merely mortal yarns, the pattern is also available alone without the kit.