Sunday, January 6, 2008

Paradise Lost

Blech. Back to work day after tomorrow which means No More Crochet for Lara Croft. Anyways, here's what else I did and finished for today's deadline Jan. 6th Three Kings:

Stone Path Hat by Lisa Naskrent, from Interweave Crochet Winter 2007. This has been my first attempt at crochet cables. I found it terribly difficult at first, but finally figured it out about halfway down. DS actually likes it!

Another Russian Hat, this one for my favorite Niece.

We were both surprised to discover that it matches a scarf I made for her back when I was starting to crochet!
Well, that's that, I'll be back sometime in June I guess. Grr this sucks.


cybernekanekane said...

Pero bueno, no me puedo creer que sea de ganchillo el primer gorro. Es una preciosidad. Tengo que hacerlo...Otra cosa más para la lista, porque también tengo que practicar la técnica que explicabas en tejemanejes... Jo, eres mi musa con el ganchillo. Un besote enorme, y es una pena que la vuelta al trabajo te impida hacer más cosas.

betta said...

oh, me encanta me encanta me encanta el gorro de tu hijo!! creoque voy a retomar el ganchillo para hacerlo... además es que ya sé qué lana usar y todo!!!! :)

espero qeu encuentres hueco para escribir de nuevo.

y tienes que contarnos más cosas de tus calcetines para la revista!

Lara Croft said...

Gracias wapísimas! Es una pasada de patron ese Stone Path Hat. Tengo que hacer otra! Y otra!

Betty: hasta que no salgan en la revista no me lo creo.

Anonymous said...

Heeeey Lara!! I just came back from the post office with my brand new GUANTAZOS!! :D Thank you soooo much, I absolutely LOVE them! The skull pattern is awesome and the color mixture too... thanks also for the yarn (love the color!!) and that gorgeous little notebook :) I love the whole packet!! Thanks a lot and hope to see you again in some other exchange :) Love, Bruxa

The MacKay Way said...

Thanks for posting that Yarn in BCN list (2007)!! I'm coming this weekend for work but have Sat afternoon & Sun morning free.
Any idea if shops are open Sunday morning?

Also -- any idea if there might be a stitch-n-bitch on Saturday afternoon? I see there's one Monday -- but I fly at 11am Monday back to NYC!!!

Anonymous said...

Your guantazos were sent last Friday, so they must be about to arrive, (if they haven't arrived yet).

Nice hat!!!


Lara Croft said...

Oh! My guantaza! I can't wait to see them!!!

Vera said...

Your Russian hat is fabulous. Found out through the Tapestry Crochet blog.

Noemi said...

I can't believe that cabled hat is crocheted and not knitted! Those cables look great! (and I had no idea you could actually crochet cables!)

I'll miss reading your blog, and seeing what you're working on.
See you sometime in BK!

Kellycat said...

You must be able to find some "me" time! If not what will I do without you?

Your DS is a doll! That hat is fantastic, as are the gloves that were sent to you.

Love those cables! I think I will have to try them. It is on my list of so many things that I want to make.