Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SEX (Stash Expeditions!)

SEX, as anyone knows, is the best known cure for the existential malaise that arises from excessive dealings with politicians. Being a victim of said malaise, I felt in need of a cure, and hey: I'm cured! Double-cured. Yarn and a swift!


Sriyana said...

Ooh, we are in synch...I had a little SEX yesterday too! Ha ha. Got me some cool elasticized cotton yarn. Stretchy yarny goodness!

Ang said...

Oh I think I could do with some of that SEX business too!

Unknown said...

Hola Lara croft te saluda Isis y te doy las gracias, por haberme enseñado este mundo del blog,.ya sabes q en el que
pienso pasar muchos ratos disfrutando

ya sabes que me encanta todo lo que haces y que te quiero mucho
gracias por ser como eres
un beso isis