Monday, March 10, 2008

Vaasa, a.k.a Korsnäs Consolation Prize

Remember The Sweater? It's still hibernating. I need my Mum. She could do anything. Given a sewing machine, she could have Saved the World if necessary. Not me, I can't sew and I don't have a machine and I don't trust myself to steek that sweater without her.
But then I got this great gig. Black Purl magazine was looking for a pattern using both crochet and knit, and she contacted Carol Ventura who contacted me - thanks to my frustrated efforts of last summer with the Korsnäs Sweater! So this is what I'm making for L'Tanya of Black Purl Magazine, and in passing I'm satisfying my thwarted need for Korsnäs. They're like little mini Korsnäs sweaters that you wear on your hands!
Everybody will hate this pattern: the crocheters will hate it because of the stranded knitting on dpn's (heaven help us) and the knitters will hate it because of the very difficult 3-stranded crochet jacquard. Well, I can't help it if the Korsnäs girls are geniuses, can I?

Wasn't I supposed to be Not Crocheting Until July? Well...yeah...but as Cole Porter once said, "the best inspiration is a call from my agent."
As soon as these are FO I'll ask Mr. Croft very nicely to take some pictures of them!


Anonymous said...

And a few, particularly weird people like myself will love them - both because they're beautiful and because they're difficult to make!

Pushka said...

Just amazing as everything you do ;)Are you proud to be a Puffy???

Lara Croft said...

I am truly honoured. I even have the badge, a green octopus with orange eyes!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean I'm actually going to have to learn to KNIT?? They're beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Do we get to badger you for a tutorial on this type too?! lol Gorgeous, as usual for your work!!!