Saturday, July 5, 2008


It's not for nothing that we Tapestry Crocheters love Sriyana. Personally, I would lay down my life for her. She won my heart the first time I saw this:

How to win the heart of Laracroft: beauty, geometry, thoughtfulness and phenomenal technique. How to further win the heart of Laracroft:

With a light heart - of the kind that makes Portraits of Hens - and phenomenal technique. I hope you all realize that this is as difficult as Tapestry Crochet gets: worked flat (in Mensa Stitch!) with up to 8 strands at a time! And in case one were to get bored with that, there's a few days' worth of bullion stitches in those leaves. And all for the love of one little hen.

And then, this J.S. Bach of crochet offered to test my Veritas, Equitas pattern for publication. The mind boggles. Herr Bach, would you mind proofreading my latest tune?

So I am very proud. They look so beautiful it's hard to believe I designed them. Thank you, Sriyana!!!


Julie said...

Those mitts are gorgeous, so intricate and artful.

I am coveting that hen portrait. Maybe it's because I'm a city girl through and through, I am filled with romantic ideas about farm life.

Lolita Blahnik said...

pues no me extraa que te publiquen el patron de los mitones, son preciosos!

Sriyana said...

Oh sweet Madame Jacquard, methinks sometime that you must have been put upon this earth to help and inspire me. Your proclamation of love and friendship doth only inspire me more so.

I humbly assure you, my powers are none so great as you proclaim.

Honored nonetheless, I strive on to live up to your expectations.

Love ya, sista. ;)