Friday, November 21, 2008

Veritas, Equitas pattern for sale on Ravelry

I'm not sure how the wondrous Camanomade manages to be so wondrous. She created this awesome book which boasts about 30 fabulous patterns and articles. My Veritas, Equitas fingerless gloves have the honour to be in there. And somehow she has given us all permission to sell our own patterns individually as well. I was very loth to do this for a long time. To me it seems this practice can only hurt book sales. However, seeing so many of the book's designers selling their patterns as Ravelry downloads, and the book continuing to sell just fine, I can only conclude that Camanomade is protected by angels, as she deserves to be. I asked her permission anyways, just to be sure.

She very happily gave it. So I set up my Ravelry pattern store. It costs 5€. Also I posted a tutorial which is free. Here's the link to both: .

These would make a perfect Christmas gift, if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Completely understand your argument regarding book sales, but can I just say that I am delighted about this decision. I have been yearning to attempt these beautiful gloves since I first saw them in May, but I have to order the book from the US [I live in the UK], add on shipping costs, the unbearable wait and the fact that, although I can crochet, I fear tapestry crochet might defeat me, and you can see why I have not exactly rushed to order the book. Love, love, LOVE that I can download the pattern, and looking forward to immediate gratification. Or not. [Skill permitting!]

Louise said...

Oh, how I fell in love with your gloves without fingers. I don't know either how to tapestry... but I will so try it. I'll just see if I can find your patterns somewhere.
Thank God you are well again, AND still doing crochet.
I'm a danish woman, and not so strong in the english words regardign crochet, but i'm sure I will be.
Thank you for a wonderfull blog.


Linda said...

Love, love, LOVE these! Off to Ravelry wheee....

Anonymous said...

I was unable to find the "free pattern".