Monday, March 16, 2009

Further Adventures

I also managed to finish another project without a deadline. This one took me about 6 months. It's the pattern for the Cloister fingerless gloves, and I uploaded it to my Ravelry pattern store yesterday. The charts are cool, look:
I made 2 more pairs, for the purpose of writing this pattern. One pair for Iolanda, who teaches violin at my school and is also my academic secretary and great friend. She likes brown and mauve. I loathe both brown and mauve, but I must say I love these.

The mauve and pale green are in a wonderful yarn that I discovered in Perpignan and spent 100€ stashing up on, Songe by Bouton d'Or. Here's a picture of my lifetime stash thereof.

I've been using a lot of it for one of my Secret Projects. It's so cool. It looks like Mithril once its crocheted up.

And then I still didn't understand my own bloody pattern, so I had to make another pair, this time for myself. I surprised myself by making them both the same: usually I need to make the left glove somehow different from the right so I can keep myself amused looking at my hands in boring faculty meetings. I did make one tiny change in one glove. But that was by mistake.

The pattern for this is done and for sale for 5€ in my Ravelry pattern store. I'm going to try to add a button for it and Veritas Equitas, here on this blog, but it may take me a while. My Blogger skills are pretty limited.


Pushka said...

love the colors!! they're really cool and pretty ;D

Clara Montagut said...

Hola Lara. Sigo tu blog hace tiempo y me encanta las cosas que haces. Yo ahora estoy intentando aprender la técnica que tu usas, pero me está costando.... Te invito a visitarme, ya que te nombro en mi último post. Un beso

Zu said...

Those wrist warmers are gorgeous!
I sometimes write a pattern, and then with all my changes and doodles can't bloody read it! lol Results in a lot more testing! ;-)

gingerbread stars said...

That is one lucky friend to recieve such a beautiful pair of gloves from you! The yarn looks beautiful- wish I could feel it!

anareis said...

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