Monday, August 31, 2009

The strand that connects us

My mother knitted this little frock for my own DS when he was born 17 years ago. I'm pretty sure she designed it herself, she was a whiz. It's knitted side-to-side using short rows. I loved it and as you can see it is still much stained with milk and baby mush. It was so easy to put on the little guy. It goes on from the front, then crosses over at the back with one strap passing through a little opening at the side, to button at the front. She passed away only a few weeks after seeing it on him.

So I've spent the last 2 weeks of my holiday adapting it to crochet for Manolo and Maria José's brand new baby, Miguel's little brother Carlos.

Conquering Death by Crochet: handling my Mom's handiwork, the years evaporate. In thinking about her design and her creativity, I remember also the nobility of her heart and her dear, serious geekiness. Just as I share her love of fiber arts, picking up the strand of yarn that she left for me, I find her sweetness and gravity in my own heart.

Little Carlos was born on the same day as my own DS. Cool coincidence!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful piece. Will you publish the pattern? Please!

debolsillo said...

Vaya coincidencia !!!

Clara Montagut said...

Es una pieza increíble, me encanta. Nunca me he atrevido a hacer una prenda tan elaborada, pero viendo el resultado, me animare seguro. Estoy impresionada de las cosas tan bonitas que haces. Felicidades