Saturday, August 25, 2007

My new computer

My beloved Agent Scully, an exquisite white ibook, died the other day. She had been ailing for awhile and we all realized that sooner or later she was going to croak. Which she did: actually she shrieked, waking the neighbors and myself, sending me rushing out of bed to see if the aliens were murdering one of my cats. It was the hard drive which had gotten jammed and was trying desperately to keep spinning around. A valiant last stand, Agent. Sadly we drove into town to purchase a replacement, certain it would have to be a Windows Drone (Never I say, never) because frankly Macs don't come cheap. Bravely I walked right up to this Darth-Vader style HP laptop and said, "I'll take this one". The Imperial Agent said he would check if there was still one left, and while he was gone I discovered:

This on sale for less than the Evil Black HP. A happy ending, a new Agent Scully. Now watch this!! Is this a cool machine or what? You just sit in front of it and it takes silly pictures of you!


Meng my BF

The DS

Poor Kid.


jen said...

Hi there from Canada (Jen Cluff here!)
I LOVE the socks, and I love the blog.
Fabulouso! Will email you shortly with news and views.
My blog/webpage on flute is:
Talk soon, Jenni xoxo

jen said...

Hi again,

Here is the link for the gorgeous fair isle patterns I found lately on display.


Pushka said...

Oh!! I love your new PC ;) see you at BK???

Pushka said...

Yes, I have it!! Do you need it??