Monday, September 17, 2007

Now who might this be for?

This is insane. I hardly have time to crochet these days. I like doing 5 or 6 test runs before making anything pretty, but that's a luxury I don't seem to have these days. So my dear, I wish I could have made your birthday present a bit classier, but you'll have to be satisfied with this thing.
Meanwhile on the Administrative front, I have been reading books on "Management". You wouldn't believe some of the nonsense these Business people utter. "Big-impact items", "calibration of voice-of-customer verification" "client/server deliverables" "flywheel of revenue" "benchmarking against other companies"
I mean, for God's sake. What have they done to my language? "Deliverable" is not a noun. "Big impact" is not an adjective. Does grammar undergo some mysterious transformation when you hit the billion-dollar "benchmark"? Luckily my grammar is safe from that danger.


Pushka said...

Is this for me??? Really??? Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow just stunning

Lara Croft said...

For Pushka. Which reminds me..que tal un "Bagarra"? un intercambio de bolsos?

Pushka said...

Let's think about it!

Flavio83 said...

Holaaaaa :)

Me encantan tus trabajos! :) Podemos intercambiar enlaces? :) :) :)

Abrazos del contratenor que teje... jeje... ;)

Lara Croft said...

hey flavio pedazo de contratenor! Despues de oirte en el podcast de P. no me sorprendio cuando me dijo que estas estudiando en Basel! Vivan los musicos que tejen, que de momento somos tu y yo!
Pero no consigo entrar en tus blogs. Me das los direcciones?

Flavio83 said...

Holaaa :)

Mira, mi blog de punto es . Mi página de contratenor es ;)

Qué tocas?

Escríbeme please :)


Anonymous said...

precioso el bolso! qué envidia!