Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's a Latvian mitten! No, it's a bag.

While we're on the topic of Korsnäs tapestry crochet, (upon which topic we will continue to be forever), this is another FO using Ktc. The "fairisle" pattern is from this page and the design of the bag is mine, which is why it's a bit strange. Never mind, I use it anyways.

And this is the DH's Museum sweater as of last night. One more row and we switch to knitting for the middle section. It's a daunting prospect for us confirmed Crocheters, since we, (I), don't actually know how to knit. However, my brilliant mother, who was a superb needlewoman and Belgian to boot, taught me stranded colourwork holding a strand in either hand, and although I was not very good at it, I figure (that is I hope) it must be hardwired into my genes. We shall see.


gabi64 said...

Wow, amazing mom, i guess you were VERY bored hahah. Its very cool, you should get on a knitting/crocheting forum so that your internet friends posted on the blog :).

Annick showed me this morning and it was quite funny 'cause i saw the bag, and i thought, wow, someone copied my mom.... and then i saw the background...hmmm this is weird....

Then i see pikachu! LOL!!! (laugh out loud)

Congrats mama

Unknown said...

Hello Lara,

Loved the artifacts so!
Loved the humouuur so!
Loved the model so!



Pushka said...

Oh!! Really stunning :O Seriously, do you started cricheting last autumm???!!!