Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yarn Shops in Barcelona

This is the most urgent of all posts, and I'm sure it will be helpful to people like me who have searched the net for this information, unsuccessfully, for years. Here it is, and like Barcelona Knits, I will keep on adding to it every time I find a new store. I think we should all do this: we all live in different neighborhoods and frequent different parts of town. Between all of us crafters in BCN we should be able to create our own Yarn Yellow Pages.

I think it's important not to be selective when listing yarn shops: not only the best ones, the biggest ones, the coolest ones, but every single store that sells yarn should eventually be represented here, or on somebody's blog. So here goes my own list. (Some of these places have web pages and some of them, among them some really good ones, do not.)

Persones Llanes
Plaça de la Llana, 7 baixos
932 691 347

This shop is small but excellent. They stock yarns and accessories that are unavailable elsewhere in BCN, such as Malabrigo, Garnstudio, Lorna's Laces, sari silk, Addi Turbo and Clover needles and accessories, and more cool stuff. This may also be the only place in town that sells self-striping sock yarn. May I add that Jennifer and Miquel, the owners, are delightful in every way.

Llanes Travessera
Travessera de Gràcia, 294
934 588 995

Llanes Travessera is a long-standing family business that has some "old-style" qualities and other features that may pleasantly surprise Barcelona knitters. It's quite large, and all the yarn is out on the floor, on shelves or piled into boxes and crates, and you can browse, touch smell etc. as much as you like. The proprietress has been working there since she was a teenager, and is a real expert in both knitting and crochet. "Guian las labores": meaning she can coach you row for row in any project you care to undertake. Both she and her daughter and everyone else who works there are pleasant and helpful. Oh, and they also make their own beautiful blends of yarns. This is not the place to look for exotic fibres or yarns imported from faraway places: most of their stock is Spanish, Italian or German, but even so it's a great YS.

Lanas El Globo
Passeig de Sant Joan, 34
932 310 450

A very large selection of Ornaghi Filati and a few other brands. An old-fashioned BCN YS where all wares are behind the counter and one has to ask for them. Coaching available.

La Barcelana
c/Brosolí, 1
933 198 451

This is a must-visit, even if it's not, strictly speaking, a Yarn Shop. It's actually a textile workshop full of looms, making and selling hand-woven scarves and clothing, but in addition they sell superb Argentinian yarns by Yanabey. The woman who runs the shop is a darling.

Tricot's Cafe
c/Balmes, 412
932 122 134

Quite large, merchandise is browsable, some lovely and uncommon yarns. Classes and workshops available, as well as a bar and restaurant.

Pau Claris 145 (esquina Valencia)
tel: 93 487 26 72

Old-style YS. I know that some people really like this place, but my experience has been uniformly unpleasant. All wares are behind the counter and you might have a hard time getting the saleswomen to show you what you want to see. When they finally do decide to help you, it's usually with poor grace. On the other hand, so far I think this is the only place in Barcelona that carries Rowan and Noro yarns, so I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it until somebody nicer decides to provide us with them...hint hint Jennifer and Miquel...

Lola Botona
c/Torrent de l'Olla, 179
932 177 336

Small neighborhood YS. I found some great Katia yarn there.

Merceria Santa Ana
Avda. Portal del Angel, 26 (2nd floor)
tel: 302 09 48

A daunting experience, but worth the effort. Talk about a place with character...


Anonymous said...

Hi!, I'm going to be travelling to Barcelona in September. An Avid Knitter from Canada, I want to go to a shop or two that has some local yarn and some european yarns as well. I will be spending first few nights in the Las Ramblas area, then I'll be heading to Tarragona.Suiranna for some rock climbing and at the end of the trip up to Montserrat. Any help you can offer would be so wonderful!!

Lara Croft said...

Hi Cara! A couple of the shops on my list are very close to the Ramblas! Persones Llanes, La Barcelana and Mercería Santa Ana are all in close walking distance. If you were planning to visit the Picasso Museum, 2 of those are right around the corner from it. When you're about to come, drop me another line. Maybe by that time I'll know how to send you a detailed map of the area, or, if you like, we could meet up and go wool-gathering.
glad to be of help,

sam said...

Bummer! I was in Barcelona in Nov last year for the Microsoft TechED event, and looked everywhere for LYS's... now you post this amazing list! I agree, we should all strive to post yarn store yellow pages for our areas, that's one of two things I like to do when travelling, looking for yarn and special beads... neither of which I was able to find on that trip :(

Lara Croft said...

I know this is a really important list, esp. since here in BCN the LYS's aren't in the Yellow Pages! Well, if ever you come back, the list will hopefully be much longer.
Thanks and take care,

Phlea said...

Hi, I will be in Barcelona in October before taking a cruise. I will be sure to look up these shops while I'm there. I'm glad you put your blog address in the tapestry crochet group,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!! My husband and I plan to go to the PicassoMuseum for sure. this is great! I will definately be in touch before we go to maybe meet up! Woohoo!

Lara Croft said...

Ever cool, Cara!
Would you like to come to a meet-up of Barcelona Knits, while you're at it? We meet in a cafe near the main square every Monday at 6. 3 of us are english (well, 1 Canadian(me) one American and 1 Brit)

Anonymous said...

oh Wow, that would be awesome. I am Canadian and would love to meet up with you. Where and when do you meet? It would have to be Monday October 1 I believe. Maybe Monday September 24th, but I think we'll be out of the City by then on our way to Climbing in Suirana. :)

Anonymous said...

oh I'm dumb this morning.. you already said you meet at 6pm in the main square. :) I'd need a definate location and directiosn. Would there be something nearby to entertain my husband during our meet? :)
We want to be around during feste de la merce so we might be still around on the monday of the 24th. Can I get your email?

Noemi said...

There is another tiny yarn store in República Argentina (en el pasage Argentina o Galerías Argentina, antes de bajar hacia el supermercado Bonpreu)
It's small, but the owner is really nice. She sells mainly Katia yarns, but she also has other brands.

Lara Croft said...

I'm on holiday at the beach (hooray!)and don't have internet access except at this fast food joint where I'm sitting right now, so I'll get back to you Cara when I get home next week. It'll be nice to see a fellow Canadian, not too many of us around here!
Noemi, puedes conseguir la direccion y telefono de esa tienda en R. Argentina? Y lo añadiré a la lista. PD eres tu la Noemi de Barcelona Knits?

Lara Croft said...

for my email address click on my profile. As soon as I get an email from you I'll stop showing the address! Till soon

Crafty Andy said...

Gracias por este directorio, voy de viaje y espero encontrame dos o tres tiendas para comprar lana en Barcelona, vengo de Ravelry.

Unknown said...

I visited Barcelona in July, the time when summer sales start, so I was able to shop till I drop :)) for bargain prices. If you go to Barcelona in winter, sales start around January 10th. Barcelona's main shopping districts are around Placa de Catalunya (where El Corte Ingles is, one of the best department stores), Passeig de Gracia (Max Mara, Escada, Zara) and Av. Diagonal. My favourite Spanish store is Bershka, located in Av. Portal d´Angel. Clothes here are really cool and also really cheap. If you're into designer clothes, Av. Diagonal is the place for you. Shops along here include Calvin Klein, Armani, Versace and Gucci. One last thing, stay away from Las Ramblas when going shopping. This is a popular tourist attraction so things are really overpriced.

heartfelt knitter said...

Hi. Thrilled to find the BCN yarn shop list and your blog. I´m in Barcelona on business for a couple of weeks and would love to meet up with some other knitters while I´m here. I´ll be in town until Tuesday morning, October 21st. Will be busy with business stuff from Monday afternoon, Oct 13th through Thursday night, Oct 16th. Apart from that, my schedule is my own. Karen

Anonymous said...

I just moved to BCN and was looking to learn how to knit or crochet. I was wondering if you knew of a place that offers classes, but also i only speak a little spanish. I am a pretty quick learner i just need help getting started. thanks for any help, Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,
I am going to Barcelona in August. We have a stop there before boarding a Disney Cruise ship. I understand there is a Disney themed hotel in Barcelona and am wondering if you could give me some direction on which of these shops is closest to where we will be staying. Thanks for all the information you have posted so far. Finding fellow crocheters is always a surprise (most people knit).

Anonymous said...


I am going to be in Barcelona from May 2 to the 6th. We will be staying at Barcelona Universal Hotel on Avinguda Paralel. Are there any yarn shops close to there? I really want to get some yarn from Spain. If you also know of any lace shops in the area, I would love to know where they are, too.

Thank you!
Debbie j

Marie Vijendran said...

I'm in Barcelona for a week and KIPing everywhere I go while the children play in playgrounds. Thank you so much for this information. This afternoon my husband takes the children and I go shopping!!

Lauren said...

Hi! I will be studying in Barcelona this summer (I'm from the US). I definitely plan on exploring yarn shops, and it would be really fun to meet up with a knitting group - do you still meet Mondays at 6?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this list :)


parparit 4 said...


Nora said...

Hi Guys,

This article is so nice and useful and I want to contribute as well by adding one little cozy yarn store near the Sants Estacion in the Hostafrancs area of Barcelona. The owner is a local nice woman and she have decided to offer only local yarn production, so it is really interesting to have an idea of the local manners and traditions. The address is c/ Riego, 34 / 08014 Barcelona, and the phone number:934322408 and this is the website: www.delreves.me

All You Knit Is Love ❤

Anonymous said...

From Marie from S. C.
Sept. 30, 2014

I stayed in an apartment in Gracia for a week. The neighborhood is near C. Torrent De'Lolla. There is a yarn shop nearby. It is called L'Agulla Magica and the address is C. Mare de Deu dels Desemparats no 8 Barcelona 08012. The phone number is 656293867. A second phone number is 646848259. The owner is a very nice lady. My husband had to translate for me. I purchased several skeins of Merino yarn for scarves. She has a very nice selection of yarns.