Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pointy Sticks

Well, knitting is not really very hard, even with 2 colours. It's not that it's difficult, that's not it. It's just, well, not very exciting somehow. Now why is it that I find crochet so compelling and knitting so bland? I find myself grumbling "all this poking about with pointy sticks.." But I think it's not the pointiness of the sticks, rather it's the pokiness of the stitch. In you poke, out you poke, in you poke, etc. like a little machine. Whereas crochet is like ballet: every stitch is a little pirouette, or a big pirouette, or a triple axel, depending. And then you look at the stitches you've made and you see all these delightful structures, twirls and whirls, while in knitting you see this field of v's.
I hope this post is offensive enough to the knitting community. I'd love to hear you all rant and rave the way I have. Which is to say, the 3 or 4 people who read my blog, ie my most beloved sister, cousin, niece, husband, son...
No! There's more!
Allow me to introduce the most rockin' reunion in Barcelona: BARCELONA KNITS! Yesterday I went to my 2nd BK session. At the first one I went to, these very supportive knitters and crocheters encouraged me to start a blog, and here it is, even if it's still only in English. (La verdad es que me veo muy patosa escribiendo en Castellano, i encara més en Català.) Anyhow these folks are a treat, because they're all as yarn-obsessed as myself. When I start talking, they don't sigh and wait for me to get onto a more interesting topic.

When I first moved to Barcelona, like 20 years ago, in my neighborhood there were 6 or 7 little (and I mean Little) yarn shops wedged in among all the other tiny stores, and in each and every one of them you'd find a group of ladies knitting and crocheting and gossiping together. The proprietress of such a shop was invariably a master craftswoman who could take one look at you, measure you, and design your pattern for you on the spot, no matter what stitch or lacy pattern you wanted to try. Like Haute Couture. Patterns were not printed and there were few magazines: she just said, now decrease three stitches here, and it worked. There are not too many of those shops left, they're closing left and right as those incredible women retire, and my generation doesn't have the time or the skill to take their place. But when Debbie Stoller started the Stitch'n'Bitch revolution, I couldn't help thinking of all those little ladies chatting away over their needles in those tiny shops.
I know and have known many wonderful Little Catalan Ladies who do amazing needlework. So I plan to write about them all here, eventually.


Bruxa said...

I'm glad you enjoy our meetings, Lara!! Hope to see you there every Monday :)

PS. we can talk in English if you feel more comfortable. My working environment is totally English speaking so I find it kinda natural :P

Carme said...

Encara no et conec perquè m'he perdut les dues darreres quedades però veig que estàs boja per les llanes com totes nosaltres. També he vist a les fotos les coses que fas i deu n'hi do!

Res doncs, fins aviat.

Unknown said...

Mare meva! Dentro de nada ya terminarás el jersey! Es genial! Y seguro que te lo estás pasando en grande! Te cuento que yo estoy haciendo estrellitas de cuerda y cositas porque haré unos regalitos a la amigas con tu idea!!!

Bé, doncs molts petonets i fins aviat!


debolsillo said...

¡Veo que encontraste lo de los links!

Noemi said...

When I was a kid, there were three yarn stores like the one you describe, less than 5 minutes from my house. And there were always several ladies knitting, asking the owner for directions. I loved going there with my mum to search for yarns for the next sweater (we usually used french patterns found in "Modes et travaux")
Now there's not one of them left, but very recently a couple of stores have opened in the neighbourhood... One of them is Tricot Café (where the BK was held july 16th), the other one is in a small commercial centre between Republica Argentina and calle Gomis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lauracroft - glad to see you[re bi-craftual, too. I just learned the pointy-stick thing a year ago, been a hooker for 40+ years. BUT! Check out the Icelandic Lace shawl in my Ravelry Projects (HilaryGermany) to see what thos poky 'lil stix can do! It's not always boring!! :D

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about crochet and knitting. I'm also "bicraftual" and I do some knitting from time to time, but crochet is the one I keep coming back to.

J Pop Revolution said...

Great reading your bblog