Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lara Croft, Uncinatus Doctora (PhD in crochet)

News flash! I've been offered a course! I'm gonna be a crochet instructor!
Here in Barcelona our most exciting YS is a tiny little place in the Gothic Quarter called Persones Llanes. It may be small, but the young couple who run it have spearheaded Barcelona's knitting revival, and made available to us all the fibres we didn't used to be able to get anywhere in the city, province, or country. Like alpaca, sari silk, hemp, banana fibre, sock wool... no, I'm not being fair. Probably you could get them, but you'd have to have been Miss Marple to find out where; and this situation remains basically unchanged. (As soon as I figure out a bit more about this blogging business I will post my own directory of Yarn Shops, although Barcelona Knits has a good one already on this page.)
And I get to teach a course on Korsnas crochet at Persones Llanes!
This is what I came away with: The white alpaca is from Peru, sold to Persones Llanes by a passing Peruvian who walked into the shop. It's quite amazing stuff, and they have a crate full of it in all natural colours.

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Congratulations and celebrations lalalalalalala